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    Traffic accident
    The car side is not willing to pay for non-medical insurance drugs and other costs, and the compulsory execution procedure is quickly recovered
    Campus law
    In order to create a good legal safety education environment, improve the legal awareness of teachers' safety teaching, strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics and style, and carry out the activities of teaching and learning law, on April 2, Lawyer CAI Yu was invited to Xinhua ···, Yuzhong District, Chongqing
    Labor dispute
    What if there is a dispute with the company when terminating the labor contract?The applicant Zeng works in the respondent's Chongqing Furniture Co., LTD., but the respondent has not paid social security for the applicant, and the applicant has repeatedly asked the respondent to
    Marriage and family affairs
    Ms. Xu and Mr. Shen are both Chongqing natives and college classmates。Four years after graduation, the two got married。Because Mr. Shen's room is too far away from the place of work, the couple lived together in Xu Nu for the convenience of work and life after marriage
    Legal adviser
    A decoration company signed a decoration contract with a company, in the construction process, the decoration company should be the owner of the oral requirements, and continue to increase the amount of engineering, resulting in the total price of the project is much higher than the contract price。Decoration company
    Criminal defense
    Defendant Yu Mou drink in Chongqing city near a bar trouble, his relatives in order to often drink Yu Mou education, called the 110 alarm phone, police Zhang, auxiliary police Chen Mou after the alarm arrived at the scene
    Contract dispute
    The defendant Zhang Mou signed the "Bank of China Limited personal second-hand housing Loan Contract" with the plaintiff for the purchase of XX room houses in Shapingba District, agreeing on the loan amount of 370,000 yuan, and the loan term, interest, return
    Industrial accident
    At 10:30 on April 13, 2016, Li XX drove a car No. B6T091 from Caiyuanba to Jiulongpo to turn around at No. 001038 street lamp pole, Caijiu Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing
    Succession dispute
    In real life, the real estate is one of the important property, as the inheritance of the estate, the heirs often fight for the real estate from verbal quarrels to fights。The following case is also the son and daughter for who can inherit the father
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    Chongqing Zhiyu Law Firm
    Chongqing Zhiyu law firm

    Chongqing Zhiyu Law Firm is a legal institution specializing in providing lawyer consultation and litigation services。The firm was established in 2011 with the approval of the Chongqing Bureau of Justice. At present, there are nearly 100 lawyers in the firm. The lawyers of the firm have good educational background, profound legal foundation and rich practice experience。
    Since its establishment, Zhiyu Law Firm has adhered to the concept of "being trusted by people and being loyal to people", and implemented the model of "corporate operation, professional division of labor, standardized management" to help clients avoid legal risks, solve legal problems, and promote the smooth progress of clients' transactions...

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    More senior team of lawyers, more standardized operation, intimate service, just to let you rest assured!
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    Analysis on types of litigation subject of limited liability company
    With the establishment of the modern enterprise system and the continuous improvement of the reform of the enterprise share system, in the implementation of the corporate system of enterprises, companies Sue shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior managers in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests, and cases of shareholders suing the company, directors, supervisors, senior managers and third parties are increasing。虽···
    Analysis of common real estate disputes
    Real estate disputes have been plaguing the real estate industry disease, careful analysis of the cause of the dispute, the industry believes that mainly concentrated in the occupancy stage, after the occupancy of the area problems, quality problems, change planning, property management disputes and the delayed management of property rights and other disputes are increasing。And the dispute before moving in is more common
    How should a company Sue if its trade secret is infringed?
    If an enterprise's trade secret is violated, it shall, depending on the circumstances, file a lawsuit with different departments to seek judicial protection。First, apply to an arbitration institution for arbitration。If an enterprise's trade secret has been infringed, if a contract has been signed between the enterprise and the infringer before, and both parties have voluntarily reached an arbitration agreement, it may be subject to the provisions of the
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